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We all have unique and beautiful reasons for embracing Italian and enjoy learning it in a way that complements the rhythm of our lives. To accompany you on this journey, we've created a quick test designed to uncover your ideal learning style and help you find the Italian program that's the perfect fit for you.


"A wonderful course! Really engaging and the teacher, Valentina, had such a wide range of knowledge and passion for her language - so much so that it inspired me even more!"

- Jess, Giulia student


Discover Giulia's Learning Experience

Small group
Small group

Live, Small-Group Italian Classes

Experience an interactive and immersive approach to learning Italian. With Giulia's uniquely crafted curriculums, learning materials, and dedicated online platform, you'll learn to speak Italian in no time.

  • Max 6 students per class
  • Custom courses content
  • Digital by default

Learn Italian from Native Speakers

Our expert Italian teachers—all standout professionals hand-picked with care—will guide you on a knowledge journey through Italy's language and its beauties. Learn to speak Italian with absolute authenticity.

Courses Designed Around You

We've designed our Italian courses with your busy life in mind. With a balanced ~2 hrs/week time commitment and a wide choice of lesson times, you'll always find a class that works for you and make-up options available if you miss one.

Your First Step to Learn Italian

You'll take a learning programme tailored to accompany you from the first step of your journey to understanding and speaking Italian confidently.

The Seal of Italian Excellence

Joining Giulia - a venture by Treccani - means confidently embracing the vibrant tapestry of Italy's linguistic and cultural legacy.

For nearly a century, Treccani has guided Italians in their quest for knowledge with its renowned encyclopedia. Today, its digital platforms provide access to Italy's rich language and culture to over 90 million people worldwide.

At Giulia, we are committed to upholding Treccani's legacy of excellence by delivering an authentic and modern Italian language learning experience that meets its uncompromising standards.

Join a Borderless Community of Italian Learners

Surround yourself and learn with people from all over the globe who share the desire to reconnect to their Italian roots or to nurture their passion for Italy's language, culture, and lifestyle.

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