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Learn Italian online in small-group classes designed for students of all levels. Engage with learners from across the globe, learn interactively, and flourish under the expert guidance of our passionate Italian teachers.

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Journeys for all levels

Simply pick your level here and find your ideal upcoming Italian class. Not sure of your Italian level? Find it out with our free placement test here.

A1 Beginner

Your first Italian steps
  • Use familiar everyday expressions
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Interact in a simple conversation

A2 Elementary

Cement your foundations
  • Understand frequently used expressions
  • Communicate routine tasks
  • Descrive, in simple terms, aspects of your life

B1 Intermediate

Master everyday chats
  • Deal with most situations that come while travelling
  • Produce simple texts on a topic of personal interest
  • Describe experiences, events and ambitions

B2 Upper-Intermediate

Navigate complex topics
  • Understand the main points of complex texts
  • Engage with Italian native speakers
  • Express opinions on a wide range of topics

C1+ Advanced

Proficient Italian use
Coming soon


“Loved the course! My personal favourite part was the dialogues as they can be quite funny😂 I loved the whole experience! Thank you😇…or should I say grazie !!!”

- Taylor N., Giulia student

Why is the Giulia Method so effective?

One important reason is that we use an immersive approach to language learning. This means students learn Italian much the way natives do - through communication with native Italian teachers in an enjoyable virtual environment. Our Italian lessons are dynamic, fun, and focused on essential, everyday life topics, so you can immediately use what you've learned. This enhances focus and ensures an engaging learning experience. Learners eagerly anticipate each group class, viewing every lesson as an enthralling journey into the Italian language and culture!

  • Time to practise

    Fully digital, by design

    Experience original curriculums and course materials, crafted from the ground up from our team of experts for a live, online immersion.

  • Receive personalised feedback

    Sharpen your speaking skills

    Every class is designed around the student, ensuring you always have time to talk and perfect your pronunciation.

  • Discover different accents

    Get personalised feedback

    The best way to learn is from your own and your peers' mistakes. Maximise each lesson with customised feedback from your teacher.

Earn recognition for your dedication and skills.

Upon completing each course, you'll be awarded a certificate of attendance, detailing the program and corresponding CEFR level attained, as a testament to your commitment and progress.


“A wonderful course! Really engaging content and the teacher, Valentina, had such a wide range of knowledge and passion for her language - so much so that it inspired me even more!”

- Jess G., Giulia student

Giulia teachers

We carefully select each of our accredited Italian teachers. After conducting a rigorous assessment of their expertise and certifications, we invite them to conduct a live demo class observed by a Giulia specialist, ensuring their teaching skills meet our standards. Meet some of exceptional Italian teachers:



Giulia Accredited Italian Teacher

  • 10 years of experience
  • Born in Gorizia, Italy
  • Teaching from Berkeley, United States


Giulia Accredited Italian Teacher

  • 5 years of experience
  • Born in Rome, Italy
  • Teaching from Rome, Italy


Giulia Accredited Italian Teacher

  • 17 years of experience
  • Born in Nuoro, Italy
  • Teaching from San Francisco, United States

What learning with Giulia looks like

Take a glimpse into our classes, find out how to enrol, and explore all the facets of Giulia's Italian learning experience.

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